Inquiry Book Study: Week Four

Welcome to week four of our inquiry book study – you can access the discussion from the first three weeks here. Week Four: Play Out of Town As vice president for technology and research at the Great Books Foundation, Mark Gillingham plans technology-related infrastructure, marketing, production, and service. Major projects include enterprise applications for web content, constituent management, and telephony; he is also responsible for technical development and analysis of web sites. In addition, Mark is engaged in tracking education and reading research. Mark has a doctoral degree in education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been on the … Continue reading Inquiry Book Study: Week Four

Grade 8 Renaissance Symposium

Re-imaging our City Last year we shared a number of posts about a grade 8 Renaissance Project where students determined whether Calgary had the necessary conditions to be considered a Renaissance City. You can read about the first year of the project here. At the end of the project last year, our two grade 8 Humanities teachers took the bold step of creating a survey to ask students what they thought/learned from the project. From the student responses a clear theme emerged: Students felt they learned a great deal about both the Italian Renaissance and current conditions in Calgary – … Continue reading Grade 8 Renaissance Symposium

Digital Storytelling: Student Exemplar

One of the wonderful educational tools that recent technology affords is digital storytelling. Applicable in a wide variety of subject areas and curriculum connections, digital storytelling provides a medium for students to demonstrate their understanding in rich ways through the act of combining of images, text, and sounds. This grade 8 example was completed for a Japan unit, part of the Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum in Alberta. This video is a powerful example of the potential for digital storytelling in the classroom – and combines research, script writing, images selection and music choice, in addition to remixing and use … Continue reading Digital Storytelling: Student Exemplar

Creating Space for Student Engagement

Finding the Experience in Learning: Creating Space for the Ebb and Flow of Student Engagement (this article was originally published in the CASS Connection: the Official Magazine for the College of Alberta Superintendents, Spring 2011) Shelley Robinson, PhD, is a writer, educator, researcher and mother (not necessarily in this order).  “It is the function of the educator to examine deeply his own thoughts and feelings and to put aside those values which have given him security and comfort, for only then can he help his students to be self-aware and to understand their own urges and fears” (Krishnamurti, 1953, p. … Continue reading Creating Space for Student Engagement

Inquiry Book Study: Week Three

Our inquiry book study has made it to week three! Be sure to check out the conversations still happening on weeks one and two. Thanks to Allison Home for this weeks great blog post – as always – please share your thoughts and comments below! Chapter Three: Work on the Hard Parts Allison Hone is a Calgary native (which she continually regrets every winter) and completed her B.A. Honours in History, and B.Ed. from the University of Calgary. After teaching 15 years with the Calgary Board of Education, she decided to embark on a Master’s of Arts in Learning and … Continue reading Inquiry Book Study: Week Three