These Kids Get It!

by Deirdre Bailey Today was amazing for a number of reasons. We finished our decomposition lab this morning. It had been an enlightening few weeks of learning what becomes of a perishable food, halved and left in the open for three weeks. Some awesome things happen to rotting fruit after it starts to smell, not least of which are fluid loss and bacteria growth. This morning, the tomato had given birth to a new family of fruit flies, all of whom remained happily trapped under the wrapping as our young scientists whooped victoriously while pressing their faces to the creeping … Continue reading These Kids Get It!


Guest post from Calgary Science School student teacher, Mariana Sanchez. (Cross posted on Mariana’s blog) December 2nd was my official last day as a student teacher. The last day was a total whirlwind! I felt like I was running all over the place trying to get our last minute labs organized while I was trying not to focus on the fact that it was our last day. It’s so hard to think that I won’t get to go to the school everyday. The group of students went from being a group of kids to my kids. I’ve grown attached to … Continue reading Goodbyes

Mixing the Real and the Virtual

As written in a previous post, one of our teachers, Dan McWilliam has been playing with augmented reality in his wood shop elective class. As a new semester begins – students can now visualize how their designs will appear in the real world. And even go so far as to place themselves digitally beside their 3D designs as this student has done with their chair design.. Continue reading Mixing the Real and the Virtual

Demonstrating Understanding through Pixton

-by Dave Scott, Grade 8 Humanities This term the Grade 8 Humanities team has been experimenting with creative ways for students to demonstrate their comprehension of key concepts and ideas surrounding the Italian Renaissance. Informed by Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design, we are interested in shifting the focus of learning from students memorizing isolated bits of information to designing tasks that require performances of learning that show deep understanding of concepts and big ideas encountered over the course of a unit. For Wiggins and McTighe understanding can be divided into six facets including: explanation interpretation application perspective empathy self … Continue reading Demonstrating Understanding through Pixton

The Expert in the Classroom

By Ivy Waite It is so amazing to come to work and know that you have a team of people ready to support you. While I do still have days where I feel overwhelmed, I know that I will pull through alright. How can you drown in a pool full of life preservers? This term I am so thrilled to be able to collaborate with an expert in my drama elective. Caroline Murray is an amazing arts educator, and has joined the CSS team to work with me regularly to ensure that I am delivering the best possible fine arts … Continue reading The Expert in the Classroom

ConnectED Canada is Coming to CSS!

In May 2012, a new annual Canadian educational conference is starting and the Calgary Science School has been asked to be the first host! This exciting event will be taking place at our school May 25-27, 2012. ConnectED Canada will be a yearly educational event that brings together teachers, administrators, students, parents and other stakeholders with the purpose of sharing innovative practices and building a national collaborative network. Rather than traditional conferences which are usual held at hotels of off-site conference centres, ConnectED Canada will be held in different schools across the country each year . The purpose of hosting … Continue reading ConnectED Canada is Coming to CSS!

The Gift of Team Teaching

by Candice Shaw, Grade 7 Math/Science Teacher As a teacher with 2 full years of experience, I acknowledge that I have learned a tremendous amount in those years, much more than University education could ever teach me. However, I know that I have even more to learn in order to better my practice. I graduated from University in 2008, so my education is fairly recent. This means that I was taught in the ways of current pedagogy, such as practices in inquiry and constructivism. These principles are ingrained in how I teach and develop activities for students. I have not … Continue reading The Gift of Team Teaching

Creating Graphic Novels 2.0

Over the last few weeks grade eight Humanities students have been working hard to author their very own graphic novels based on a list of selected short stories including Alice Munro’s Day of the Butterfly and Roald Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter. Inspired by Larry Lessig’s Ted Talk arguing for the revival of our creative culture, our goal was to get students creating, rather than just consuming graphic novels. To this end, we structured the learning in a way where they would be introduced to modes of thinking and creating practiced by graphic novelists in the real world. As part … Continue reading Creating Graphic Novels 2.0