Geology and the iPad

-by Lisa Nelson, Grade 7 Math/Science Teaching a group of grade 7s who have used 1:1 Macbook laptops for the past three years and are now part of a 1:1 iPad initiative has been somewhat challenging. The students were slightly discouraged by the limitations of the iPad at the beginning of the school year. It was our goal as a grade 7 team to get students to buy-in to iPads and to note the good things about them. We started the year with the ‘Planet Earth’ unit in Science. To alleviate some of their frustrations, we decided to give them … Continue reading Geology and the iPad

Student Engagement Captivates Me

By Ivy Waite Student engagement captivates me. Why is it that certain elements of our culture are able to draw in our students so easily, while others are often ignored? How can teachers take advantage of those things that captivate to engage our students in the classroom?  We can – if we are willing to think creatively. During the first term of the school year I had the privilege of teaching the inaugural class of the World@War elective here at CSS. History, of warfare in particular, has always been a very popular topic among my students (mostly male). As a … Continue reading Student Engagement Captivates Me

The Top 10 for Future Teachers

-by Garry McKinnon, Superintendent I had an interesting experience on January 11 at the University of Calgary when I joined three other superintendent colleagues to share with 350+ Faculty of Education students who are in the last semester of their Bachelor of Education program, some views on the state of education and some advice as they prepare to enter the teaching profession. My role was to represent the charter school perspective. I emphasized in describing the unique role of the 13 charter schools in Alberta that charter schools are public schools which receive the same level of funding as any … Continue reading The Top 10 for Future Teachers