Leave it to Beavers Project Update

Stakeholders in the Leave it to Beavers project met recently to reflect on fall visits and to plan ahead for spring and beyond.Rachelle Haddock from the Miistakis Institute summarized the fall program including the great news that a few ‘nuisance’ beaver were located and trapped to be introduced to the reservoir. http://www.rockies.ca/blog/?p=697 New Resident to Goodwin Pond by Rachelle Haddock Recently volunteers at the site have seen evidence that the beaver are indeed still present and are busy logging the nearby forest. A blind has been built near the reservoir with a webcam focused on the beavers’ dam, but we haven’t … Continue reading Leave it to Beavers Project Update

Science Fair Judges Needed!

CSS will be holding our annual Science Fair on Wednesday, February 6, 2013, and we are looking for volunteers to help judge this event. There is no experience necessary and it is a lot of fun. This is an important CSS event as it provides a forum for students to showcase their understanding and passion for science. In addition, volunteers are inspired and amazed by the quality of work and the interest that students have in their selected topics.  Registration begins at 8 am on February 6th and judges will be finished around 12:30. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. … Continue reading Science Fair Judges Needed!

Grade 7 Math Fair

Candice Shaw and Carolyn Armstrong~ Grade 7 Math/Science On December 19 our grade 7 students hosted their Math Fair. Students were given the task of finding a challenging math problem that isn’t easily solved at first glance and has possible extension activities. Students created their trifolds and activities to share with the rest of the school. CSS Grade 7 Math Fair from Calgary Science School on Vimeo. Student Assignment:1. Choose a math problem that is not easily solved at first glance. A math fair problem should make anyone have to stop and think. Once you have chosen a problem, it … Continue reading Grade 7 Math Fair