Grade 6 Government Novel Study

Jody Pereverzoff~ Grade 6 HumanitiesOne of the most meaningful experiences I had this year was when a student came up to me to discuss a quote he found in his novel, The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. He was curious to find out more about the Burqa and whether or not wearing it took away ones equality and freedom of choice. He took it upon himself to dig further and seek multiple perspectives on this topic so that he could communicate these perspectives on his blog. Seeing this level of engagement and curiosity in my students made me excited to share … Continue reading Grade 6 Government Novel Study

CSS/RVSD Collaborative Planning

Greg Neil ~ Grade 6 Math/Science I signed up for the Environmental Planning Institute in order to have the opportunity to collaborate with teachers from other schools.  After five years of teaching at the Calgary Science School, I craved the opportunity to see what was happening in other classrooms and how other teachers approached inquiry-based learning.  During the tours of RVSD schools, I was immediately impressed with the way teachers approached student learning through rich questions that connected to numerous areas of the curriculum.  The inquiry questions I develop with my own students are often more directly connected to a … Continue reading CSS/RVSD Collaborative Planning

My Flip Classroom

A Collaborative Action Research ProjectJason Publack & Dave Scott Grade 9 Humanities The flip classroom is a fascinating addition to a teacher’s tool box. But it is not a final answer, or a complete one. Below are my thoughts on some of the strengths and weaknesses of the flip classroom as I’ve experienced it this year in my grade 9 Humanities classroom. To see an example of one of our videos click here.   “A lecture is an occasion when you numb one end to benefit the other.”  John Gould “It’s about changing instructional models so the students can receive more … Continue reading My Flip Classroom