Connect Board Retreat

It’s never just an ordinary day: Directors cutAshley Nixon– Connect Charter School Board Member. Tessellation shown in this pavement mosaic from Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  It was a privilege to spend my afternoon visiting classrooms and interacting with students and teachers at the Connect Charter School, Calgary on Friday. Two students, Will and Oman, guided myself and other Board Directors in and out of various learning places, the “field survey” part of the review of the school’s strategic plan “Lead, Share, Transform” conducted annually. The tour began with an iPad training session in the library led by some young experts from … Continue reading Connect Board Retreat

Grade 7 Canadian History: Post 2

Jody Pereverzoff and Chris Dittman – Grade 7 Humanities In our last blog post, we described the genesis of our Grade 7 Humanities project focusing on early Canadian (pre-confederation) history. We left off with students having just determined the most historically significant event in their debate group, each of which consisted of 4-5 students, each seeking to prove the historical significance of their specific event.  We were left around 5 events in each of the 4 classes. Our focus now was to return to our original inquiry question; Why do so many Canadians know and care so little about our … Continue reading Grade 7 Canadian History: Post 2

A Principal’s Perspective: Back to Basics

Darrell Lonsberry – Connect Charter School Principal It seems as though the pendulum is swinging once again, this time motivated by some people who are espousing a back to basics approach to mathematics education, in large part as a response to the most recent PISA results. I don’t want to remain mute on this, as mathematics education is near and dear to my heart. One of the difficulties in using results from standardized tests such as PISA, TIMSS or PIRLS to compare nations on the quality of their educational systems, and even in determining change over time within a single … Continue reading A Principal’s Perspective: Back to Basics

Grade 7 Canadian History

Jody Pereverzoff and Chris Dittmann- Grade 7 Humanities We invited David Scott, a former CSS teacher, to collaborate on a unit to engage students in early Canadian history and provide students an opportunity to wrestle with why we learn history and whether history is important to understand. We asked ourselves what most Canadians think of history in general, and Canadian history specifically. We came upon the government’s Heritage Minister lamenting the fact that Canadians do not know our own history. He went so far as to call this current situation a future threat to Canada as a country. We read … Continue reading Grade 7 Canadian History

Professional Networking Day for Outdoor Education teachers

Deirdre Bailey (Connect Charter), Jason Lindsay (Calgary Arts Academy) and David Manning (Westmount Charter) “Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young; it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart. If we are going to save environmentalism and the environment, we must also save an endangered indicator species: the child in nature.”  Richard Louv –  Last Child in the Woods In collaboration with Outdoor Education specialists from the Calgary Arts Academy and Westmount Charter, Connect Charter School (formerly the Calgary Science School) is hosting a Professional Networking Day for Outdoor Education teachers on Monday, February 3, 2014. … Continue reading Professional Networking Day for Outdoor Education teachers

Grade 5 Genius Hour

Calgary Science SchoolGrade 5 Team Framework for Student Learning Graphic The Grade 5s are excited to be starting Genius Hour this year! Every day 3 we will be dedicating 80 minutes to Genius Hour work, providing students with a voice in what they want to learn, promoting their passions and encouraging creativity. Students will be expected to be prepared and to use this time effectively. Genius Hour is tightly linked with objectives outlined by Alberta Education in their document Framework for Student Learning: Genius Hour will help develop life skills such as planning, teamwork, meeting timelines, and following through on … Continue reading Grade 5 Genius Hour