Inquiry Lives Here

GREG NEIL, Inquiry Portfolio Leader/Grade 9 Teacher Visit this post on our new website At Connect Charter School, inquiry-based learning doesn’t stop when the lunch bell rings. John Cadman, a Grade 4 Math/Science Teacher, recently started a lunch club called the Nerf Mod Club. This club provides students in Grades 4 and 5 the opportunity to explore a number of scientific and mathematical principles, all embedded within the joyful act of firing a Nerf projectile. As Mr. Cadman explains, the goal of the club is to modify the student’s own Nerf blasters to either fire faster or more accurately.In this … Continue reading Inquiry Lives Here

FreshGrade: Commendations, Recommendations & Limitations

(continued from earlier posts Deirdre’s Reflections, Kevin’s Reflection,  the introduction to our action research, emphasizing student autonomy) -by Deirdre Bailey and Kevin Sonico A major advantage of the FreshGrade tool that has been touched on briefly above but merits further discussion was … Continue reading FreshGrade: Commendations, Recommendations & Limitations