Profiling SLP’s – Student Learner Profiles at Connect!

Tanya Stogre and Abby Saadeh Students and teachers at Connect Charter School have focused on creating Student Learner Profiles (SLP) for the past few years. More recently, at Connect, these SLP’s have become a more significant focus. In the spirit of Personalized Learning from the Inspiring Action on Education, SLP’s are gaining momentum in Alberta. See for more information on this provincial initiative. With greater time and attention being placed on SLP’s, it is important for us to have discussions regarding the ways they might inform and impact learning at our school. Over the course of the past few … Continue reading Profiling SLP’s – Student Learner Profiles at Connect!

Grade 7 Canadian History: Post 2

Jody Pereverzoff and Chris Dittman – Grade 7 Humanities In our last blog post, we described the genesis of our Grade 7 Humanities project focusing on early Canadian (pre-confederation) history. We left off with students having just determined the most historically significant event in their debate group, each of which consisted of 4-5 students, each seeking to prove the historical significance of their specific event.  We were left around 5 events in each of the 4 classes. Our focus now was to return to our original inquiry question; Why do so many Canadians know and care so little about our … Continue reading Grade 7 Canadian History: Post 2

Inquiry, Assessment and Term 1 Video Report Cards in Physical Education

Deirdre Bailey ~ Physical Education This important information bulletin provides details on our new term 1 report card assessments in physical education at CSS. As we hope many parents are aware, this year has provided us with the opportunity to re-think our approach to inquiry-based physical education (see Connect! blog post) as well as our approach to end of semester assessments in PE.  Earlier this term we shared our proposal for physical education assessment reform with our CSS parent council. The council were in support of this new approach to reporting with the suggestion that we share both our rationale and process … Continue reading Inquiry, Assessment and Term 1 Video Report Cards in Physical Education

Inquiry in PE

Student Teachers Josh Stanley and Matthew Maccagno with Tammy Berry and Dean Schmeichel ~Physical Education grade 4-9 What could an inquiry unit in PE look like? At CSS, we challenged all 600 students from grade 4 to grade 9 to explore the question, “To what extent does training affect performance?” Each student was given the opportunity to choose a sport or activity that they were interested in, and then create a plan to improve a specific skill in that sport or activity. How the students chose to use their time over the course of the unit was entirely up to … Continue reading Inquiry in PE

Family Artifact Inquiry- Grade 7

Rick Fawcett and Jared McKenzie~ Grade 7 Humanities. This project was designed as a way to share the personal connection the students have to Canadian history and to engage them in the process of curating a historical narrative of their own family’s history. Inquiry Stage #1: Choose an Artifact – Is there some thing in your home that you have always wondered about? – The goal is to choose an artifact that has a rich history and means a great deal to you and your family. – It should have a story and you should have access to that story. … Continue reading Family Artifact Inquiry- Grade 7

Student Teaching: Mentorship and Collaboration – A Video Reflection

Jenna Callaghan and Deirdre Bailey Deirdre  Working with a student teacher these past few months has been an exciting and rewarding experience. From our first meeting, it was evident that Jenna and I shared a similar pedagogical philosophy; with a strong focus on reflection and discipline-based inquiry. Jenna’s early ideas and questions were guided by an honest vulnerability that allowed for a number of frank conversations around assessment, engagement and lesson design in an inquiry based classroom. My understanding of collaboration – developed and deepened through a powerful team-teaching relationship with Amy Park – had led to a familiarity with … Continue reading Student Teaching: Mentorship and Collaboration – A Video Reflection

Grade 9 Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Rick Mercer Rant AssignmentDavid Scott- Grade 9 Humanities To gain a better appreciation of how The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is relevant to the lives of our grade 9 students, we asked our students to explore a court case where a Charter right or freedom was violated. The specific learning outcomes we sought to target in the Alberta Grade 9 Social Studies Program were as follows: 9.1.6 assess, critically, the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the legislative process in Canada by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions and issues: In what ways … Continue reading Grade 9 Charter of Rights and Freedoms

A Different Kind of Test

-by Margaret Leland, Grade 8 Humanities Over the Spring break I was reading Seth Godin’s “Stop Stealing Dreams (what is school for?)” and began to question how best I could develop the unit final for my students to finish off our Worldviews in Conflict: The Spanish 
and the Aztecs. I was mulling over the following quotes by Seth Godin: “The obligation of the new school is to teach reasonable doubt. Not the unreasonable doubt of the wild-eyed heckler, but the evidence-based doubt of the questioning scientist and the reason-based doubt of the skilled debater.”  “Unfortunately, the things we desperately need … Continue reading A Different Kind of Test