Preparation for Camp Sweet = Increased Chance of a Safe and Fun Experience

Parent Guest Blogger Denise KitagawaClick here to read the entire post and to see her stunning photography.  One of the many amazing things about the Calgary Science School is the fact that students go on two overnight Outdoor Education trips each school year. One trip is to Camp Sweet (about 90 minutes outside of Calgary), where the students sleep in tents and spend a few days camping and exploring the woods and fields – including some free time splashing in the river if it’s warm enough. The other trip is grade dependent. This year, five out of six grades (500 … Continue reading Preparation for Camp Sweet = Increased Chance of a Safe and Fun Experience

Market Collective, A Big Hit!

By Anton S (Student, 8.3) Recently, grade eights embarked on a mission to complete graphic novels based on a list of short stories including Alice Munroe’s Day Of The Butterfly and Roald Dahl’s Lamb To The Slaughter. During the process of creating the graphic novels we were asked to convey the theme of the story through our illustrations. We were also asked to create graphic novels that draw in the reader through diverse paneling, the introduction of poetic language, and varying points of view. Although this process took over a month to complete the time and effort put into the … Continue reading Market Collective, A Big Hit!

The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

Rachelle Savoie is a teacher currently on leave from the Calgary Science School. She has taken a position teaching junior high humanities at the Canadian International School in Abu Dabi, United Arab Emirates. The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living After working at CSS for almost 4 years, I had begun to take the act of questioning for granted. It is ingrained in our culture to question. It is what we base our charter on …inquiry. However, historically, and in many educational institutions, questioning is not the predominant component of learning. In some cases it is not even encouraged. Upon … Continue reading The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living


Guest post from Calgary Science School student teacher, Mariana Sanchez. (Cross posted on Mariana’s blog) December 2nd was my official last day as a student teacher. The last day was a total whirlwind! I felt like I was running all over the place trying to get our last minute labs organized while I was trying not to focus on the fact that it was our last day. It’s so hard to think that I won’t get to go to the school everyday. The group of students went from being a group of kids to my kids. I’ve grown attached to … Continue reading Goodbyes

Inquiry Book Study: Week Five

Another weekly post for our Inquiry Book study. You can get to all the posts and comments through this link. Week Five: Uncover the Hidden Game Writer: Sarah MacGregor I am a U of C grad, BGS and soon BEd, specializing in Early Childhood Education. I am passionate about inquiry and enjoy practicing on my three year old son. I’m currently in my last semester and looking forward to an exciting career in teaching. I have a sole publication to date and you can find it here. I live by the mantra, become the lesson you would teach. You can … Continue reading Inquiry Book Study: Week Five

Inquiry Book Study: Week Four

Welcome to week four of our inquiry book study – you can access the discussion from the first three weeks here. Week Four: Play Out of Town As vice president for technology and research at the Great Books Foundation, Mark Gillingham plans technology-related infrastructure, marketing, production, and service. Major projects include enterprise applications for web content, constituent management, and telephony; he is also responsible for technical development and analysis of web sites. In addition, Mark is engaged in tracking education and reading research. Mark has a doctoral degree in education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been on the … Continue reading Inquiry Book Study: Week Four

Inquiry Book Study: Week Three

Our inquiry book study has made it to week three! Be sure to check out the conversations still happening on weeks one and two. Thanks to Allison Home for this weeks great blog post – as always – please share your thoughts and comments below! Chapter Three: Work on the Hard Parts Allison Hone is a Calgary native (which she continually regrets every winter) and completed her B.A. Honours in History, and B.Ed. from the University of Calgary. After teaching 15 years with the Calgary Board of Education, she decided to embark on a Master’s of Arts in Learning and … Continue reading Inquiry Book Study: Week Three

Inquiry Book Study: Week Two

Welcome to week two of our inquiry book study! This week we’re looking at Chapter Two from “Making Learning Whole” by David Perkins. A huge thanks to Yvonne Denomy for being the guest blogger for this week! She’s written an amazing post… For those who missed it, you can listen to last week’s webinar by David Perkins here. Chapter Two: Make the Game Worth PlayingMy Bio: I am a literacy teacher in Saskatoon. Currently, I am on an educational leave while completing my final term in the Master of Education in Teacher-librarianship program through the University of Alberta. I am … Continue reading Inquiry Book Study: Week Two

Exploring Immigration: A Student Perspective

Over the last number of years, our grade 9 students have participated in a project called Canada: Your Story is My Story. This project involves students interviewing recent immigrants to Canada with the purpose of better understanding the immigration experience. After meeting and interviewing new Canadians, the students create multi-media narratives of the immigration stories – creating a documentary of each immigrant’s journey to this country. Here’s a perspective from two of our grade 9 students who recently finished the project: “Over the past three weeks, Grade 9 students had the pleasure of meeting immigrant students from the Calgary Catholic … Continue reading Exploring Immigration: A Student Perspective

Student Teachers Teaching Through Skype

by Jason Cooper, University of Calgary Student Teacher at Calgary Science School Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with both the Grade 8 and 9 Philosophy classes here at CSS and at Island Pacific School in Bowen Island, B.C. in their study of pre-Socratic philosphy. The classes have been studying the subject together, collaborating using various internet technologies. Because of my background in physics, and I was invited to speak with both classes about the perspective of modern science on the fundamental nature of the world. We discussed some challenging fields in modern … Continue reading Student Teachers Teaching Through Skype