Beyond the Destination: A reflection on outdoor education

-by Deirdre Bailey, Outdoor and Environmental Education Portfolio Leader My favourite moment was every moment. The quiet is beautiful…  When I was a kid, I used to see faces in everything. It’s been nice to find them again. Grade 9 OE Student Things I realized I forget to notice in the city: mountains, clouds and the way their shadows move across the peaks, baby trees, the sound of running water, the flight of birds. Awesome moments: getting to know people better, getting to know myself, diving into the glacial water, crossing streams, cooking by the creek, seeing the landscape at 7am. Grade 8 OE Student … Continue reading Beyond the Destination: A reflection on outdoor education

Underwater ROV Elective

This term we offered students in grade 6 and 7 an Underwater ROV elective. In this elective students design, build and test an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV. ROVs are used for a variety of reasons, including marine biology research, military applications, underwater archeological exploration and more. Students used PVC pipe, wires, 12 volt DC motors, batteries and other supplies to construct their ROV. Propellers were designed in Google Sketch Up and printed on our MakerBot 3D printer. In the end we found a propeller design online and printed several to provide students the best chance for success on … Continue reading Underwater ROV Elective

Grade 6 Dragon’s Den Style Elective

What Can U-Create?Chris Dittman Ms. Pereverzoff’s grade 6/7 U-Create elective is all about students taking an idea and creating a product, service or app that can be taken to the marketplace. This term, students were presented with the Re-Useable Material Challenge. Essentially, students were asked to think outside the box and create and represent a product idea using specific, recycled materials. Taking recycled cardboard, string, glue, tape, paint and recycled paper, students had the opportunity to create a product or a representation or model of a product idea. The final product idea didn’t have to necessarily include the aforementioned materials. … Continue reading Grade 6 Dragon’s Den Style Elective

National Philanthropy Day

On November 15, 2012 the Calgary Science School grade 9 students, along with the grade 8 ‘Me to We’ elective students, were invited to participate in the National Philanthropy Day Youth Forum in the Palomino Room at Stampede Park. This generous invitation was extended by the Association of Professional Fundraisers who also organized a simultaneous luncheon for Calgary’s philanthropic community to highlight and celebrate the generosity of our city’s many benefactors. The Youth Forum consisted of five workshops that students rotated through in groups to explore issues related to philanthropy and community service. When each group completed a station they … Continue reading National Philanthropy Day

UCreate Elective: Developing Entreprenuerial Spirit at CSS

-by Jody Pereverzoff Elective Description: “From the fashion industry to the sports and electronic gaming industry, there is money to be made. But how to these ideas turn into money??? Well, if any of these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then this elective is for you! In this elective, you will have the opportunity to create a product, business, and/or app from the ground up. You will start with an idea, and work your way to a finished product that you will market to potential investors. If you enjoy thinking outside the box and have ever wondered how ideas … Continue reading UCreate Elective: Developing Entreprenuerial Spirit at CSS

Student Engagement Captivates Me

By Ivy Waite Student engagement captivates me. Why is it that certain elements of our culture are able to draw in our students so easily, while others are often ignored? How can teachers take advantage of those things that captivate to engage our students in the classroom?  We can – if we are willing to think creatively. During the first term of the school year I had the privilege of teaching the inaugural class of the World@War elective here at CSS. History, of warfare in particular, has always been a very popular topic among my students (mostly male). As a … Continue reading Student Engagement Captivates Me

Mixing the Real and the Virtual

As written in a previous post, one of our teachers, Dan McWilliam has been playing with augmented reality in his wood shop elective class. As a new semester begins – students can now visualize how their designs will appear in the real world. And even go so far as to place themselves digitally beside their 3D designs as this student has done with their chair design.. Continue reading Mixing the Real and the Virtual

The Expert in the Classroom

By Ivy Waite It is so amazing to come to work and know that you have a team of people ready to support you. While I do still have days where I feel overwhelmed, I know that I will pull through alright. How can you drown in a pool full of life preservers? This term I am so thrilled to be able to collaborate with an expert in my drama elective. Caroline Murray is an amazing arts educator, and has joined the CSS team to work with me regularly to ensure that I am delivering the best possible fine arts … Continue reading The Expert in the Classroom