Team Teaching: Our Adventures & Advice to Future Collaborators

Ivy Waite and Jaime Groeller~ Grade 8 Humanities This post is part of a series. Read the previous posts here, here, here, and here. After 10 months of experimentation, the question remains: will we continue to approach teaching in such a manner? Have the benefits to all stakeholders outweighed the challenges? We believe the answer is yes! As mentioned in previous posts, team teaching in this manner does not “fix” all problems: in fact, it comes with its own set of challenges, but we truly believe that with a few small changes, many of which we have already instituted, our … Continue reading Team Teaching: Our Adventures & Advice to Future Collaborators

The Potential of the Flipped Classroom: Post Number 3

A Collaborative Action Research ProjectDave Scott & Jason Publack Grade 9 Humanities As outlined in our last post found here, we have been looking at the potential of the flipped classroom within the context of a grade 9 Humanities class. In case you haven’t encountered this model of learning, within the flipped classroom students watch classroom instruction for homework as part of a video or ‘vodcast’. Class time is then spent on inquiry-based learning where students apply what they learned at home and are also given the chance to ask questions and receive feedback. Whereas last time we had students … Continue reading The Potential of the Flipped Classroom: Post Number 3

My Flip Classroom

A Collaborative Action Research ProjectJason Publack & Dave Scott Grade 9 Humanities The flip classroom is a fascinating addition to a teacher’s tool box. But it is not a final answer, or a complete one. Below are my thoughts on some of the strengths and weaknesses of the flip classroom as I’ve experienced it this year in my grade 9 Humanities classroom. To see an example of one of our videos click here.   “A lecture is an occasion when you numb one end to benefit the other.”  John Gould “It’s about changing instructional models so the students can receive more … Continue reading My Flip Classroom

Using the SmartBoard to Teach Algebra

Kevin Sonico~ Grade 9 Math and Science Some have referred to them as glorified whiteboards.  SmartBoards have had the unfortunate reputation of digitizing technology that was already in its own way a useful tool.  Some teachers may have even requested for the removal of SmartBoards for the use of that valuable real estate behind it. The challenge is the to rethink of how we can use them differently in our classrooms. So instead of thinking of them as expensive blackboards or overhead screens where we only project content, let us make them more dynamic and interactive.  Perhaps we can start … Continue reading Using the SmartBoard to Teach Algebra

CSS Reads- Grade 9

 Jason Publack & Abby Saadeh~ Grade 9 Humanities The Grade 9 teaching team, which included two student teachers this term, constructed a reading competition based on the CBC’s Canada Reads program. Scott Bailey, one of our University of Calgary student teachers, created a CSS Reads website to share and track the process of competition. The site is an excellent exemplar for schools wishing to host their own ______ Reads unit. Please let us know if you are hosting a similar competition. We would love to connect. The question every student needed to answer was this: Why is this novel meaningful and relevant for CSS … Continue reading CSS Reads- Grade 9

Student Insights into the Educational Potential of the Flipped Classroom

David Scott and Jason Publack ~ Grade 9 Humanities Over the last few years there has been increasing talk within educational circles around the potential of the flipped classroom to enhance learning. Historically, and this is confirmed by a great deal of research, classrooms have been places where students spend a great deal of their time listening to teachers talk. Whether teachers are lecturing or explaining a particular concept, this has meant students have relatively limited class time to apply the concepts or ideas they learn from the lecture and must therefore do this at home for homework. This has … Continue reading Student Insights into the Educational Potential of the Flipped Classroom

Team Teaching – Our Vision

Jaime Groeller & Ivy WaiteIn August 2012, at the beginning of our second year teaching together, Ivy and I took the plunge and started “team teaching.” We had seen a successful example just down the stairs from us (Park/Bailey) and modeled much of our initial approach on those ideas. Furthermore, we had been doing a lot of co-planning and co-implementing already during our first year together, 2011-2012, and wanted to fully integrate our practices and our classrooms for the 2012-2013 school year. The Team! In our first year teaching together, we team taught to the extent that we planned all … Continue reading Team Teaching – Our Vision

Grade 9 Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Rick Mercer Rant AssignmentDavid Scott- Grade 9 Humanities To gain a better appreciation of how The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is relevant to the lives of our grade 9 students, we asked our students to explore a court case where a Charter right or freedom was violated. The specific learning outcomes we sought to target in the Alberta Grade 9 Social Studies Program were as follows: 9.1.6 assess, critically, the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the legislative process in Canada by exploring and reflecting upon the following questions and issues: In what ways … Continue reading Grade 9 Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Student Blogs “The Bamfield Diaries”

Student Guest Bloggers from grade 9 As a way to create an audience for their work, recently the grade 9 classes have begun blogging. As part of this process, students were asked to recount an experience they had during their week long adventure at Bamfield Marine Centre on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Here are some samples of their work along with their blog address. Students love when people visit their blog (we are keeping a class tally for the blogs with the most posts). Please visit their site and feel free to leave a comment. Day 1: Sunday, … Continue reading Student Blogs “The Bamfield Diaries”

Math & Science Inquiry Projects

CSS Math & Science Inquiry Projects Database Our Math and Science Team has created a Google Doc to house a database of inquiry projects that they will use throughout the year. The goal of this database is to provide a place where teachers within the school and ultimately, teachers from outside the school, can see how we foster inquiry within our own classrooms. If you would like to learn more about one of the projects or have a question please add a comment below.Click here to visit the Project Database:CSS Math and Science Inquiry Project Database Continue reading Math & Science Inquiry Projects