FreshGrade: Emphasizing student autonomy, promoting conversation, and developing metacognition

by Deirdre Bailey and Kevin Sonico

Theme 1: Emphasizing student autonomy

The cultivation of student autonomy in an inquiry-­driven space suggests that students should both understand their learning goals and be able to assess what they need to do to reach them (Chappuis, 2009, Black & Wiliam, 2004). Continue reading “FreshGrade: Emphasizing student autonomy, promoting conversation, and developing metacognition”

Science Communication Opportunity

Our Science Communication Club are looking for opportunities to share their knowledge and demonstrations this spring. We would like to support their hard work in helping to find schools, centres, malls or other venues where they can safely demonstrate some of what they have been working on this year.  If you are interested in hosting our club or have questions about the project, please email Continue reading Science Communication Opportunity

Student Learning Plans: Choosing a Platform

The Quest for the “Perfect” Platform at Connect by Tanya Stogre and Abby Saadeh Through formal and informal conversations with colleagues, students, parents, and administrators over the past two years we have determined the characteristics necessary in a platform for our student learning plans (SLP’s). Although recognizing some classes at Connect house their SLP’s in binders and duotangs (as a paper format), we realized early on in our process that a digital platform was critical in ensuring information is easily transferable between and amongst all stakeholders. Asking questions such as: What are the different platforms available? And, what are the … Continue reading Student Learning Plans: Choosing a Platform

Underwater ROV Elective

This term we offered students in grade 6 and 7 an Underwater ROV elective. In this elective students design, build and test an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle, or ROV. ROVs are used for a variety of reasons, including marine biology research, military applications, underwater archeological exploration and more. Students used PVC pipe, wires, 12 volt DC motors, batteries and other supplies to construct their ROV. Propellers were designed in Google Sketch Up and printed on our MakerBot 3D printer. In the end we found a propeller design online and printed several to provide students the best chance for success on … Continue reading Underwater ROV Elective

Profiling SLP’s – Student Learner Profiles at Connect!

Tanya Stogre and Abby Saadeh Students and teachers at Connect Charter School have focused on creating Student Learner Profiles (SLP) for the past few years. More recently, at Connect, these SLP’s have become a more significant focus. In the spirit of Personalized Learning from the Inspiring Action on Education, SLP’s are gaining momentum in Alberta. See for more information on this provincial initiative. With greater time and attention being placed on SLP’s, it is important for us to have discussions regarding the ways they might inform and impact learning at our school. Over the course of the past few … Continue reading Profiling SLP’s – Student Learner Profiles at Connect!

Spatial Reasoning

Heather Melville- Grade 4 Math and Science In July 2013, I had the privilege to work with students, teachers, Galileo Network experts and researchers at the University of Calgary. (Brent Davis – Professor and chair of mathematics education, Krista Francis Poscente – IOSTEM Director). We met in May to discuss the research portion of the spatial reasoning project. In that one day in May I discovered the importance of spatial reasoning as I went through my own testing and problem solving activities. I learned very quickly that this is a skill that needs to be taught and explored throughout our … Continue reading Spatial Reasoning