Grade 4: Endangered Animals and their Habitats

One of our grade 4 teachers, Greg Neil, is presenting next week at the GEOEC conference in Canmore Alberta. Greg’s presentation is going to focus on the Galileo Inquiry Rubric, and then use a Grade 4 project he designed on endangered animals as a case study of inquiry in action. The purpose of the project was to have students understand the different regions in Alberta, and to explore the understanding of “land” by attempting to take on the perspective of an endangered animal with one of the regions. Student worked through a variety of tasks, leading up to a final … Continue reading Grade 4: Endangered Animals and their Habitats

Inquiry, Assessment and Technology in Phys Ed

One of our Physical Educadtion teachers (Tammy Berry) is delivering a presentation this weekend at the Annual Conference for the Health and Physical Education Council of Alberta. Tammy is delivering a one-hour session on her grade 4-6 football unit, in which she strives to incorporate both inquiry-based learning and technology. In the past, when Tammy taught this unit, she was often frustrated because playing traditional games of football with this age group (grades 4-6) often left out a sizable chunk of students, due to either athletic ability or interest in the sport. Tammy was looking for a way to teach … Continue reading Inquiry, Assessment and Technology in Phys Ed

Grade 5: Science in the Wetlands

One of the luxuries we have at the Science School is being within walking distance of a protected wetlands area called the Weaselhead Natural Environment Park. Being so close allows our teachers and students to make us of the park for recreation, as well as scientific and environmental education. One of our grade 5 teachers has planned a project for his students to study the quality of water in various places around the Weaselhead. The goals of the project are to: Have students experience the collection and analysis of data Understand the role of wetlands in cleaning our water supply … Continue reading Grade 5: Science in the Wetlands