PE Networking: Follow Up

Last Friday we hosted a networking day for PE teachers from local charter and private schools. We had 12 teachers join us for a day of sharing lesson ideas, assessment techniques, and ways to integrate technology into the teaching of the Physical Activity and Health curriculums. The day was a mix of stand and deliver, Q and A and hands-on sharing of activities. The feedback from the day was very positive. Participating teachers said the following: “It was extremely beneficial for my understanding of assessment. I know have a variety of new activities to use and modify for my students.” … Continue reading PE Networking: Follow Up

Boreal Forest: Are we doing enough?

Our grade 6 teachers are in the planning stages for a unit on the Boreal Forest. The guiding question for the study is currently: How is the Boreal Forest related to the health of the planet? Students will work through two sections of the study: 1. A mathematical exploration of large numbers, connected to the amount of oxygen needed by humans, and the amount of oxygen produced by trees. 2. A research-based examination of the current situation in Canada’s Boreal Forest, approached through various animal species in the region. You can access the planning documents by clicking here. Continue reading Boreal Forest: Are we doing enough?

How to use LiveStream for Multi-Cam Broadcasting

We’re really excited about our upcoming Mayoral Forum. The event will be an open webcast allowing anyone with an internet connection to watch – though in particular we’re targeting it to Calgary classrooms. In particular, one of things that’s got a group of our grade 9 boys really interested is being the technology crew for the event. We are experimenting with LiveStream as the way to broadcast the event. We’ve discovered it is a powerful tool because it allows for multi-camera broadcasting. Livestream lets you log onto one account from multiple sources and then mix the camera feed in real … Continue reading How to use LiveStream for Multi-Cam Broadcasting

Sign up for Mayoral Panel

Calgary Teachers, As mentioned before, the Calgary Science School is partnering with Youth Can Vote 2010 to host a panel discussion involving Mayoral Candidates for the upcoming election. We will be using Ustream to broadcast this event. We imagine that schools will have Ustream blocked by their IT department. If teachers are interested in participating, they should contact their IT department and inquiry about the possibility of unblocking Ustream the day of the event. We are planning a test broadcast the week before the event (Sept 13-17). This will allow us to test the technical requirements on our end, as … Continue reading Sign up for Mayoral Panel

Research Confirms Laptop Program

The laptop program at the Calgary Science School is now entering it’s 5th year. Our 1:1 program started in the fall of 2006 with 100 grade 6 students. This first year of the program was made possible through a Personalized Learning Initiative grant through the Alberta Government. In the 2007/2008 school year the program expanded to grade 6 and 7 and the in fall of 2008 we moved to a full 1:1 program – all 600 students in grades 4-9 were provided with Apple Macbooks. After the first year of the program, we no longer had access to grant capital … Continue reading Research Confirms Laptop Program