Interviewing our School Community

Calgary Science School – Commendations and Recommendations for Further Consideration Dr. Garry McKinnon, Superintendent, Calgary Science School Over the two week period of March 7-18, members of the teaching and support staff (44 participants), students (approximately 600) from grades 4 to 9 in their class groupings and parents attending the March 17 and 18 Student led conferences (48 participants), were invited to share feedback in regard to the Calgary Science School by responding to the questions: “What causes you to believe that the Calgary Science School is a very good school and what suggestions for improvement would you like to … Continue reading Interviewing our School Community

Remixing Worldviews

“New media provides powerful new ways of representing and manipulating information.” This quote, taken from the paper “Confronting the Challenge of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century” by Henry Jenkins, suggests that digital tools and media afford teachers and students a variety of engaging and relevant ways to learn, create and express. With this quote in mind, our grade 8 students are currently working on a project where they are manipulating, or remixing, a variety of images in order to represent their understanding of historical perspectives. After completing a large study of the positive aspects of the Italian … Continue reading Remixing Worldviews