Film Screening: The Happy Movie (Tuesday, Dec. 16)

Connect Charter School is thrilled to be hosting a screening of “The Happy Movie” as part of our annual Peace Festival. This screening is open to members of the general public and is free (please consider bringing a donation to the Calgary Food Bank). In conjunction with the film, there will also be an artisan craft market open before and after. See attached poster for more information regarding the artisans. Doors open at 6pm for the craft market and the movie will begin at 7pm. Hope to see you there!     Continue reading Film Screening: The Happy Movie (Tuesday, Dec. 16)

Learning Freedom

-by Carly DeBoice   (Connect Charter School Student-teacher Alumni and Substitute Teacher) Occasionally, how students articulate an idea is much more eloquent than that of the teacher. So, I’ll use their words to help me explain the concept they coined today, “Learning Freedom.”
 This arose out of a request for each class to nominate two students to join a team who will help visitors during the upcoming Innovate West conference. Choosing a few students can be a tricky task for teachers. To find a handful of students who were genuinely up for the task, students were asked answer the following question, … Continue reading Learning Freedom

Inspiring Change Through Teacher Development

The Spirit of Inquiry: Inspiring Change Through Teacher Development Maikala Harris~ University of Calgary Student Teacher As a pre-service teacher at the Werklund School of Education I realize how fortunate I have been to take a glimpse into the Calgary Science School (CSS) for my first field practicum. With a capped student wait list, this charter school is rooted in inquiry and clearly on course with establishing an ecological model of education. Instead of starting with the curriculum, teaching the subject matter, and allowing time only at the end of class for inquiry, at CSS teachers start with and build … Continue reading Inspiring Change Through Teacher Development

Inquiry in PE

Student Teachers Josh Stanley and Matthew Maccagno with Tammy Berry and Dean Schmeichel ~Physical Education grade 4-9 What could an inquiry unit in PE look like? At CSS, we challenged all 600 students from grade 4 to grade 9 to explore the question, “To what extent does training affect performance?” Each student was given the opportunity to choose a sport or activity that they were interested in, and then create a plan to improve a specific skill in that sport or activity. How the students chose to use their time over the course of the unit was entirely up to … Continue reading Inquiry in PE

On Light, Shadows and Experience

Deirdre Bailey and Jenna Callaghan We began a recent investigation into Light and Shadows in Grade 4 by posing the question “What is Light?” to our students. Before beginning the conversation, we reminded students that the world is not nearly as concrete or easily-understood as over-simplified statements of “fact” might often imply. We talked about how scientists are by nature inquisitive, always open to possibility and a reinvention of old ideas. We suggested that throughout our inquiry, they too might have the potential to share a completely new perspective, contribute to making new discoveries and either support or disprove current thoughts. With … Continue reading On Light, Shadows and Experience

Grade 5 Electricity Collaboration

Kathryn Desrochers ~ Grade 5 Math/Science Student Teacher University of Lethbridge Just before spring break, our grade 5 students (and teachers) had an opportunity to learn from an expert. Emily Marasco is a University of Calgary student working on her Graduate Degree in Electrical Engineering. As part of her Master’s research, Emily has gone around to various schools conducting a set of electricity modules for project based learning. This turned out to be a wonderful partnership, in which Emily could conduct her research with 100 willing students and our school community benefited from her expertise, enthusiasm and hands on approach. … Continue reading Grade 5 Electricity Collaboration

Student Teaching: Mentorship and Collaboration – A Video Reflection

Jenna Callaghan and Deirdre Bailey Deirdre  Working with a student teacher these past few months has been an exciting and rewarding experience. From our first meeting, it was evident that Jenna and I shared a similar pedagogical philosophy; with a strong focus on reflection and discipline-based inquiry. Jenna’s early ideas and questions were guided by an honest vulnerability that allowed for a number of frank conversations around assessment, engagement and lesson design in an inquiry based classroom. My understanding of collaboration – developed and deepened through a powerful team-teaching relationship with Amy Park – had led to a familiarity with … Continue reading Student Teaching: Mentorship and Collaboration – A Video Reflection

Grade 5 Weather Wise With a Storm Chaser

Kathryn Desrochers~ Grade 5 Math and Science Student Teacher  University of Lethbridge On Friday February 8, 2013 all four grade 5 classes had the opportunity to Skype with George Kourounis. George is a storm chaser, most well known for his TV Series “Angry Planet” in which he chronicles his adventures chasing storms and exploring the globe. He has also done extensive work with The Weather Network, most recently filming controlled avalanches in the Kootenay Pass. Unfortunately we experienced some technical difficulties with the call, but George quickly shifted gears from his planned presentation to an interactive, engaging question and answer … Continue reading Grade 5 Weather Wise With a Storm Chaser

Bringing Beavers Back to the Cross Conservation Area – Site Visit #2

Parent Guest Blogger Denise Kitagawa Click here to visit “Out and About with the GeoKs”  Our first visit to the Cross Conservation Area Pine Creek watershed was back in June. Against a backdrop of tall, green grass and leafy trees, a multitude of insects, toads and birds blessed us with natural “music” over the course of the day. Things were a lot quieter during our second visit to the site, which took place in late September just after the students (now in grade 8) returned to school from their 3-day/2-night fall Outdoor Ed camp. The students were less boisterous than usual. … Continue reading Bringing Beavers Back to the Cross Conservation Area – Site Visit #2