Connecting with the Performing Arts

“I on the Sky” Brittany Babott ~ Grade 4-9 Fine Arts Pre-service teacherWerklund School of Education reoccurring theme in my drama classes the past term has been the exploration of what a ‘punctum’ is and how it relates to theatre. The word punctum is a Latin word:punc·tumˈpəNGktəm/nountechnicalnoun: punctum; plural noun: puncta1. 
a small, distinct point. I had first been introduced to this seemingly strange word a few years back when I attended a Ghost River Theatre workshop on devising theatre. Co-Artistic director David Van Belle had asked us to participate in an exercise where we would listen to a … Continue reading Connecting with the Performing Arts

Connecting with Quotes in Fine Arts

Grade 8/9 Drama Quote projectHeather Drage Drama Specialist The quote project was created to get students away from being literal and finding creative solutions for ideas and thoughts. Many quotes may be interpreted or represented in a variety of ways. The majority of the project was student based research, peer assistance and group collaboration. As the teacher I was certainly the facilitator and assisted in aiding the students away from the literal representation. I modeled many times to be creative…. Be unique. Drama Connecting with Quotes from Calgary Science School on Vimeo. To ensure the students were looking for quotes they … Continue reading Connecting with Quotes in Fine Arts

The Expert in the Classroom

By Ivy Waite It is so amazing to come to work and know that you have a team of people ready to support you. While I do still have days where I feel overwhelmed, I know that I will pull through alright. How can you drown in a pool full of life preservers? This term I am so thrilled to be able to collaborate with an expert in my drama elective. Caroline Murray is an amazing arts educator, and has joined the CSS team to work with me regularly to ensure that I am delivering the best possible fine arts … Continue reading The Expert in the Classroom