Augmented Reality in the Wood Shop

by Dan McWilliam This year I am trying a new elective where students use their creativity and engineering skills to create anything they want from two 2×4 pieces of wood. While the final product is up to the students, the goal of the elective is to have students go through the process of planning, drafting, revising and creating a final product. One of the first steps of the elective was for students to create a model of their woodworking piece using Google Sketchup. They did this back in September when the elective started. Recently I have been experimenting with Augmented … Continue reading Augmented Reality in the Wood Shop

Student Teachers Teaching Through Skype

by Jason Cooper, University of Calgary Student Teacher at Calgary Science School Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with both the Grade 8 and 9 Philosophy classes here at CSS and at Island Pacific School in Bowen Island, B.C. in their study of pre-Socratic philosphy. The classes have been studying the subject together, collaborating using various internet technologies. Because of my background in physics, and I was invited to speak with both classes about the perspective of modern science on the fundamental nature of the world. We discussed some challenging fields in modern … Continue reading Student Teachers Teaching Through Skype

New Possibilities for Teacher Collaboration

by: Dave Scott, Grade 8 Humanities After an off-hand statement with one of our APs over lunch, I found myself teaching a course on the history of Western philosophy for the first time. As no one in the school had taught this before, I was thrust into a course with little preparation or ability to draw on others more experienced than I to gain some insight into how to best organize this course. However, through Neil Stephenson and a twitter connection he had, I was able to Skype with Brad Ovenell-Carter, teacher on Bowen Island who had taught a course … Continue reading New Possibilities for Teacher Collaboration

Grade 8 Graphic Design: Effective Logos

This year at the Calgary Science School, there’s a new structure to the Fine Arts Program, bringing in the element of choice at the grade 7 and 8 level. One of the new courses being offered is an introduction to Graphic Design. The first assignment students are working on is a logo design project. To set up this project, students were introduced to 5 principles for effective logos. Using this great post by Jacob Cass, students were able to examine clear examples for each of the 5 principles, as well as many examples of poorly designed logos. Next, we used … Continue reading Grade 8 Graphic Design: Effective Logos