Discovering the Past – Grade 5 EXPO

During their recent EXPO trip, the grade five students left the classroom to explore the Glenbow Museum and Fort Calgary. At the Glenbow Museum, students learned about different native cultures from the north, east, west and south. The students were excited to explore the various ways of life and traditions that still remain strong, rich and diverse in each quadrant today. Next, the grade five classes hopped back on the bus to visit Fort Calgary. Students were able to learn about what makes something an artifact and what kinds of artifacts were found at the archeology site of Fort Calgary. Later, … Continue reading Discovering the Past – Grade 5 EXPO

Grade 5 Genius Hour

Calgary Science SchoolGrade 5 Team Framework for Student Learning Graphic The Grade 5s are excited to be starting Genius Hour this year! Every day 3 we will be dedicating 80 minutes to Genius Hour work, providing students with a voice in what they want to learn, promoting their passions and encouraging creativity. Students will be expected to be prepared and to use this time effectively. Genius Hour is tightly linked with objectives outlined by Alberta Education in their document Framework for Student Learning: Genius Hour will help develop life skills such as planning, teamwork, meeting timelines, and following through on … Continue reading Grade 5 Genius Hour

Grade 5 Classroom Chemistry

BECOMING A CHEMIST!  Igniting Curiosity through the power of observation. Jocelyn Monteith ~ Grade 5 Math/Science Last week students spent time in the science lab testing a variety of materials (salt, sand, oil, and an Alka-Seltzer tablet) to see what happens when they are mixed with water: what dissolves, what reacts and what remains unaffected. Students hypothesized what they thought would happen based on what they already knew about each of the materials. While conducting each test, students captured their observations in words, images and videos. As you could imagine, the lab was buzzing with excitement, students eagerly calling their … Continue reading Grade 5 Classroom Chemistry

Grade 5 Math Problem

Valerie Barnes and Jocelyn MonteithGrade 5 Math/Science Grade 5 students were recently given the following math problem. The assignment, feedback, submission and assessment steps are taking place in Edmodo. It has been great to see the comments on the assignment page where students are offering feedback, asking questions, and assisting with technical support. Assignments are due this week may the force be with them. Use your Problem Solving skills to solve this problem. Once you have completed the THINK time (independent work) and proved that you have solved the problem during PAIR time (getting and giving peer feedback) you are … Continue reading Grade 5 Math Problem

CSS Podcasts: Assessing Website Credibility

Grades: 6-9 Subject: All As part of our Collaboration and Outreach Program, the Calgary Science School is creating and sharing podcasts and PDF handouts of inquiry-based lessons designed by our teachers. We encourage feedback, comments and dialogue on the materials we publish. This podcast contains one approach to assessing website credibility by introducing three criteria for students to use when conducting internet research projects. These materials on website credibility were designed by The Critical Thinking Consortium, and are shared here with their permission. Here’s the accompanying PDF of the handouts. You can download the PDF by clicking on the download … Continue reading CSS Podcasts: Assessing Website Credibility

Grade 5 Electricity Collaboration

Kathryn Desrochers ~ Grade 5 Math/Science Student Teacher University of Lethbridge Just before spring break, our grade 5 students (and teachers) had an opportunity to learn from an expert. Emily Marasco is a University of Calgary student working on her Graduate Degree in Electrical Engineering. As part of her Master’s research, Emily has gone around to various schools conducting a set of electricity modules for project based learning. This turned out to be a wonderful partnership, in which Emily could conduct her research with 100 willing students and our school community benefited from her expertise, enthusiasm and hands on approach. … Continue reading Grade 5 Electricity Collaboration

Grade 5 Wild Weather Inquiry

Erin Couillard- Grade 5 Math/Science  Big Question:  Are we seeing a dangerous shift in climate? Or just a natural stretch of bad luck? This question was inspired through question brainstorming with students at the beginning of the Grade 5 weather unit as well as a National Geographic article I read in the fall. Supporting Questions (student generated) A. Has your “event” gotten worse over the years?B. Why does this “event” happen? (Consider the weather science)C. Where does this “event” happen? Only in one place in the world or in multiple places?D. What time of year does your event usually happen? … Continue reading Grade 5 Wild Weather Inquiry

Grade 5 Weather Wise With a Storm Chaser

Kathryn Desrochers~ Grade 5 Math and Science Student Teacher  University of Lethbridge On Friday February 8, 2013 all four grade 5 classes had the opportunity to Skype with George Kourounis. George is a storm chaser, most well known for his TV Series “Angry Planet” in which he chronicles his adventures chasing storms and exploring the globe. He has also done extensive work with The Weather Network, most recently filming controlled avalanches in the Kootenay Pass. Unfortunately we experienced some technical difficulties with the call, but George quickly shifted gears from his planned presentation to an interactive, engaging question and answer … Continue reading Grade 5 Weather Wise With a Storm Chaser

Exemplary Learning Formula

Margaret Leland-  Grade 5 Humanities In a recent Learning Strategies class we had been discussing the interconnected nature of the pillars of our Exemplary Learning framework. The students were tasked with talking about two questions: How does relationships and communication relate to the other pillars? and, Do the pillars all connect to student success? After about 10 minutes discussion one of the groups looked like they had found a ‘big’ answer. When I approached their group they stated that the only way they could really do it was to develop a mathematical formula to represent their thinking.I found this great, … Continue reading Exemplary Learning Formula