Grade 4 EXPO – Lougheed House

On a recent EXPO trip, the grade four classes visited the Lougheed House where they were immersed in the point of view of people who immigrated to Canada to settle in the West in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Students had the opportunity to explore the stories of immigrants from a variety of countries by acting out short scripts provided by the Lougheed House. Each group acted out a skit pretending be a family in another country discussing their reasons for moving to Alberta, and their hopes for their new lives. This allowed students to inquire about the hard … Continue reading Grade 4 EXPO – Lougheed House

Professional Networking Day for Outdoor Education teachers

Deirdre Bailey (Connect Charter), Jason Lindsay (Calgary Arts Academy) and David Manning (Westmount Charter) “Passion is lifted from the earth itself by the muddy hands of the young; it travels along grass-stained sleeves to the heart. If we are going to save environmentalism and the environment, we must also save an endangered indicator species: the child in nature.”  Richard Louv –  Last Child in the Woods In collaboration with Outdoor Education specialists from the Calgary Arts Academy and Westmount Charter, Connect Charter School (formerly the Calgary Science School) is hosting a Professional Networking Day for Outdoor Education teachers on Monday, February 3, 2014. … Continue reading Professional Networking Day for Outdoor Education teachers

Inquiry, Assessment and Term 1 Video Report Cards in Physical Education

Deirdre Bailey ~ Physical Education This important information bulletin provides details on our new term 1 report card assessments in physical education at CSS. As we hope many parents are aware, this year has provided us with the opportunity to re-think our approach to inquiry-based physical education (see Connect! blog post) as well as our approach to end of semester assessments in PE.  Earlier this term we shared our proposal for physical education assessment reform with our CSS parent council. The council were in support of this new approach to reporting with the suggestion that we share both our rationale and process … Continue reading Inquiry, Assessment and Term 1 Video Report Cards in Physical Education

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Re-thinking Inquiry-Based Practice in Physical Education

Deirdre Bailey ~ Physical Education While conventional education is often criticized for either segmenting learning into smaller pieces without ever giving kids the whole picture, or for letting kids read all about something without ever having an opportunity to engage in … Continue reading Re-thinking Inquiry-Based Practice in Physical Education

PE Teacher Networking Day

The Calgary Science School is hosting a free PD event for Physical Education teachers on Monday, September 23, 2013. We feel that much of our work as PE teachers is in isolated and unique situations – whether it is the physical building, the location of our school, the mandate/philosophy of our respective schools and so on. We also feel that each of us possesses experience and teaching resources that might be of benefit to other PE teachers.  With that in mind, we are inviting any interested PE teachers to join us on September 23th for a day of professional development. We … Continue reading PE Teacher Networking Day

Inquiry in PE

Student Teachers Josh Stanley and Matthew Maccagno with Tammy Berry and Dean Schmeichel ~Physical Education grade 4-9 What could an inquiry unit in PE look like? At CSS, we challenged all 600 students from grade 4 to grade 9 to explore the question, “To what extent does training affect performance?” Each student was given the opportunity to choose a sport or activity that they were interested in, and then create a plan to improve a specific skill in that sport or activity. How the students chose to use their time over the course of the unit was entirely up to … Continue reading Inquiry in PE

Video Assessment in Phys. Ed – A Reflection

-by Dean Schmeichel, Phys. Ed Teacher This is my final blog for the Research project – Video Assessment in PE. This was an extremely worthwhile project and it has shaped the future course of assessment for me in my career. From past experience, I know that I will continue to develop, adapt and modify this process. What works one year, might need to be overhauled the next, depending on the group of students, parents, teachers and my own level of commitment and excitement. There was an 86% response rate to the survey that I asked the Grade 9 students to … Continue reading Video Assessment in Phys. Ed – A Reflection

Verbal Assessment in PE – Part 2

 By Tammy Berry, CSS Phys. Ed teacher  For more information on this project, please read the first blog post here. I have now completed 100 grade 6 Garage Band (converted into iTunes) audio recordings. These audio recordings were placed on the desktops of students’ personal computers. Students received a mark on their written report card and then had an audio recording to replace the written comment for PE Term Two. These recording were about 3-4 minutes long in length. Why did I do these recordings? To get to know the students better (especially to find out what physical activity they … Continue reading Verbal Assessment in PE – Part 2